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The Altar

Put prayers into the aether.

The Altar - Put prayers into the aether
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All Members , Moderated
A place for people of all faiths to put their prayers into the aether.
I have redesigned and resurrected this community and given it a new purpose. It's purpose now is to put prayers into the aether. The way I view things, this is more powerful than simply speaking them, especially since maybe we can get others to add their own power to the prayers.

This is a place for people of any and all faiths. Pagans, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists... anyone of any faith. Just be sure to follow these rules:

1. Do not post prayers that ask for anyone to come to any kind of harm. This place is only for positive prayer/magick that does not try to subvert anyone's free will.

2. Prayers may be about anything positive. Healing, prosperity (money/jobs), love, finding lost items... anything that comes to mind. Prayer requests are also welcome.

3. There will be NO posting of prayers for people to convert from one path to another, nor to be punished for their paths.

4. When in doubt, ask a moderator before posting.

5. This is a moderated forum. Remember that a mod may decide to not let your post through, if it violates the rules. However, people who have proven themselves trustworthy may be surprised to become individually unmoderated.

6. I will try to be as fair as possible in discipline, when necessary. Punishments will depend on severity and frequency of the rule-breaking.

7. Do not include any information that may lead others to find you or someone else offline, as that can be dangerous.

8. No off-topic posts! Keep any off-topic conversation to the comments.

9. No trolling, flaming, bashing, bullying, threatening, harrassment, or being a pain in the ass. If this break this rule seriously enough, we may ban you without warning.

Mod: fayanora

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